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Larder Beetle Control Manchester

Larder Beetle Control

Larder Beetles are part of the Dermestidae (Skin Feeders) family have hard leathery forewings that meet along the mid-line of the dorsal surface.

Their hindwings are membranous, they sometimes lack in biting mouthparts. Adults are usually 7-9mm long with an oval shaped body compactly covered with round scale like hairs.

They have a white band across each wing with three black spots on each side.


Where Will I Find Them?


Larder beetles are commonly found where animal products are handled for example, dried meat, bone, skin, hide, dog biscuits, fish food, and pest food manufacturing premises.

When these beetles are found in domestic premises they are usually found in the larders, hence their name. They may also be found in attics and under the floor space, often feeding on dead rodents or birds.


Significance of Larder Beetles


Larder beetles are skin eaters breeding on animal protein, and are a serious pest in places such as, tanneries, milk processing plants, hide warehouses and any other premises where animal products are processed.

Damage is caused by the larvae of these beetles, holes are created in materials as they feed or pupate.

Preferred pupation sites are the soft sapwood of wooden structures. These beetles will also excavate plaster, tin and lead and you could also find similar damage to stored commodities.


Control of Larder Beetles


Control methods are straightforward, firstly an assessment must be carried out to find the source of the infestation, this is often obvious, however, in domestic premises it can be slightly more obscure such as an old birds’ nest or an unnoticed dead rodent.

Hygiene management is the next step, all sources of the infestation should be removed and if possible, burnt.

To ensure that a larder beetle problem is properly eradicated it is strongly advised that you call in professional pest control technicians to ensure the infestation is dealt with effectively and safely.

If you’re having problems with larder beetles then call Pest Control Manchester on 0161 210 2536 to arrange a survey.

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