How To Keep Mice Away From Your Home or Business



The last thing anyone wants is a mouse in their home or business. Aside from the startle they give you when you first see them they can also cause a lot of damage, chewed up papers and electrical wires which can lead to electrical fires, as well as contaminating food and spreading disease. Getting rid of a mouse infestation can be difficult so prevention is always better than the cure! This is why our team at Manchester Pest Control have put together a handy guide to help you identify signs of mice and how to keep them away from your property.

Signs Of Mice

  • When mice first enter your property, they often go unseen, this is until the infestation is well established. This is why it is so important to be on the lookout for signs of mice so that you can eliminate the infestation early! Signs of mice include:
  • Small rice-like droppings, dark in colour – can be found alongside walls or in areas where food is stored.
  • Chewed holes in boxes, packets, and tubs.
  • Gnaw marks
  • Greasy, dirty marks on floors, skirting boards and even tables and worktops.
  • Shredded paper or wood shavings.
  • Change in pet behavior, they may sense or smell the mice.


mouse droppings
Mouse Droppings

How Do You Keep Mice Out of  Your Home Or Business?

  1. Block Off All Entry Points – This is probably the most important preventative measure you can take, ensure that all small, and big cracks and holes around your property are filled in to stop mice from having easy access to your property. Give close attention to gaps around vents and pipes look for any cracks in the foundations and walls and check windows and doors are all sealed correctly.
  2. Ensure Bins Are Sealed – Bins provide a great food source for mice, so it is important that you don’t overfill them and ensure they are always fully shut. This is essential for both outdoor and indoor bins. Try and store outdoor bins as far away from your property as possible.
  3. Bird Feeders – If you have bird feeders in your garden then position them as far away from your property as possible. The feed mix in most bird feeders is a lovely treat for mice, so just be mindful that when using bird feeders it’s not only birds that are attracted to the food that’s in them!
  4. Plants and Shrubs – Any plants and shrubs around your property need to be well maintained, this takes away potential hiding spots for mice. It also allows you to check the foundations near the planting for any cracks and holes that may provide an entry point for mice.
  5. Seal Dry Foods – Foods such as flour, sugar, and anything else that is stored in bags or cardboard boxes are easy targets for mice so you should transfer these products into metal, glass, or plastic tubs as soon as you have purchased them. Try and store them on high shelves or in the fridge, if mice can’t smell food in your property, then they aren’t likely to take up residence there!
  6. Clean – Keep on top of the cleaning, make sure any spills are cleaned up straight away, and sweep or hoover any crumbs that may be on the floor or worktops.
  7. Seal Pet Food – Both dry and wet pet food is a big attraction for mice, once opened store it in a tightly sealed container well above ground level.
  8. Close External Doors – Leaving doors open at your property particularly, during the colder months is just inviting mice into your nice warm home. Try and close the door behind you as soon as you enter or leave your property, if you are letting pets outside then close the door behind them and let them back in when there ready.

If you have signs of mice in your property or you have found an established mouse infestation, then contact our team at Manchester Pest Control for an expert mouse control service – 0161 210 2536