Ant pest control Manchester


Ant Pest Control Manchester

If you are having problems with Ants in your home or business then one call to pest control Manchester is all it takes to get professional advice to eradicate the problem.

The commonest ant found in buildings and homes is the Black Garden Ant (Lassius Niger)  The ants will build their nests outside in grass and inside wall cavities and under paving and the foraging worker ants will travel widely in search of food, which is how they come to enter premises.

The worker ants cause a nuisance as they will travel widely in search of food, following well-defined trails and clustering around the food source.


Ants nests must be eradicated if infestations are to be successfully controlled.

The nests can be difficult to find and can be in inaccessible areas and this is where the services of a professional company is needed to apply the correct treatment for the individual situation.

Once you have contacted us a suitable appointment time will be made so that our technician can visit your premises to carry out a survey and advise you on the best course of action to be taken to eradicate the ants. Our technician can then start the treatment immediately – no more waiting for a further appointment!


The most common Ant seen in and around buildings is the Common Black Ant

Characteristics: Elbowed antennae, biting mouthparts, abdomen constricted at the base giving the appearance of a waist.

Common Black Ant (Lasius Niger)Workers are 3 – 5mm long, queens 15mm long dark brown to black with single segmented waist.

Wings are present when the nuptial flights take place with hundreds of Ants spilling out of the nest. If the nest is indoors whey will fly towards the windows and doors being attracted to the natural light.


If you’re having problems with ants then call Pest Control Manchester on 0161 210 2536 to arrange a survey.

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